Thursday, August 29, 2013

Antinomianism and the Doctrine of Salvation by Grace

One of the most common accusations leveled against Primitive Baptist's is that their teaching on eternal salvation leads to antinomianism. Those who level this accusation seem to be completely unaware that the apostle Paul believed the preaching of salvation by sovereign grace would regularly produce this reaction.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Atonement is NOT "Sufficient for all but Efficient for the Elect"

Sufficient but Efficient... That Seems Right, but is it True?

It seems that very many Christians in this day and age would agree that the atonement of Christ is: "Sufficient for all but efficient for the elect." In many Christian circles, the mere recitation of this “truism” sends heads-nodding and elicits pious affirmations, as though all within earshot had just entered into the veritable Holy of Holies of Christian doctrine. So universally esteemed is this statement that seemingly no evangelical, whether Arminian or Calvinist, dares to question it as the absolute bedrock of atonement truth. That being the case, I want to make this point as clearly as possible:"Sufficient for all but efficient for the elect" theology is self-contradictory, because if the atonement is only efficient for the elect, then it is insufficient for the non-elect, for want of efficiency. It is therefore FALSE.