Friday, November 2, 2012

Angelica Zambrano's Dramatic Testimony Scripturally Examined

Recently a Christian friend asked me about the testimony of people who claim to have died and gone to either heaven or hell and included a link to Angelica Zambrano's testimony in his correspondence. His question had to do with how one should go about reconciling such testimony with the biblical teaching of the preservation of the saints, given that they seem to contradict one another. What follows is my response to him:

These heaven-and-hell-death-experience-stories do seem to capture the imagination. Such accounts, no matter how compelling, believable or fascinating, do not rise to the level of equal footing with having walked with the Lord Jesus Christ for 3 years and being a personal witness to his sinless life, miracles, and resurrection from the dead. Yet Peter, one who experienced all these things first hand, refers to the scriptures as a "more sure word of prophecy." (II Peter 1:19) This statement establishes the word of God as a greater witness than that of personal experience - regardless of how fantastic that experience may be. It is an astonishingly counter-intuitive affirmation of the supremacy of the bible's testimony regarding truth. As a result of this affirmation, I would not question the bible's testimony regarding the security of the believer on the basis of a fantastic but inferior witness.
All that said, I think there is something to be gleaned from the bible's testimony that neither thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. First and foremost is that ALL of humanity fits that description (Romans 3:23). Does this then mean that NO ONE is saved? Clearly not. Does this refer to those who persist in such behaviors? No, there are clearly those who persisted in various sins and who were yet saved (David, Lot, Solomon, Samson) The ONLY absolute sense in which ANY man is exonerated from such categories of sin, is in a covenantal sense - "in Christ" as it were. One who is "in Christ" has his sins removed by the perfect work of his intercessor. He is one of whom David wrote - "Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile." (Psalm 32:2) To be sure, Paul applies this truth to how we ought to live. In essence he is saying, "The Lord took your sins away and has given you his righteousness. Now go BE what you ARE in Christ - don't turn back to living like the ignorant heathen you once were." The lesson is about embracing the legal purity that Christ's work wrought on our behalf as a means of underscoring that walking in obedience to the Lord's commands (John 14:15) is our reasonable service (Romans 12:1). 
While I stand by this response, I admit that it was written BEFORE ever having watched the video. Upon watching the video I found it so full of contradictions to scripture that I thought it would be profitable to transcribe the account and provide commentary from a biblical perspective for any who are inclined to be influenced by such testimony.  

I will start by posting the full transcript below and will add specific commentary in the coming days as time allows. Until then suffice it to say that the Jesus with whom Angelica converses, is distinctly different from the Jesus of the bible in many ways.

Angelica Zambrano's "Jesus"...
  1. Teaches salvation by chance. The Lord Jesus Christ teaches salvation by grace. (John 6:44, John 10:11, Eph 2:8-9)
  2. Believes that eye witness testimony regarding hell will convert men. The Lord Jesus Christ said that it would not. (Luke 16:31)
  3. Teaches that many for whom he died will still end up in hell. The Lord Jesus Christ saved his people from their sins (Matt 1:21) and taught that they shall never perish (John 10:28) and that nothing can separate them from the love of God (Rom 8:32-39).

Given the great disparity between Angelica's "Jesus" and the Lord Jesus Christ of the bible, one can only conclude that her "Lord" is "another Jesus." The main theme of our admonition against Angelica's testimony is best represented by Paul's words to the Galatians, "If we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you... let him be accursed."  (Gal 1:8)

-------------------------- COMMENTARY SECTION --------------------------------------------------

"That was a tunnel of hell. I don’t want to enter that place, Lord. Have mercy on me. Please!  This is, this is what I say to him. And I could smell that odor – a pungent smell – and I would say that it smelled very bad. And he said, 'Daughter it is necessary that you go and know about this place.' And I said, 'But why Lord? Why?' I would cry. He would say, 'So that you can tell the truth to humanity because humanity is being lost. It is being, and being condemned and there is only a few that enter into the kingdom.'” (Angelica Zambrano)
The bible's testimony is that if men will not hear Moses and the prophets, that sending them a messenger from hell will not convince them. (Luke 16:30-31) Has Jesus changed his mind on this matter or is Angelica conversing with another Jesus?
"And he would cry and I started to walk and when he would talk, with his words it would give me strength, and (unintelligible) and purged me, and we would continue to walk and as soon as we reached the end of the tunnel, and something that surprised me was to look at the bottom of the tunnel, what I could see was an abyss filled with flames. And I say, 'No Lord! I don’t want to go over there.' And he say, 'Daughter, I’m giving you this.' And it was a large folder. And in between it was pages. It was an archive in which the pages were white and around it, it had golden edges, and soon after he gave me something to write with and he said, 'Daughter take this so that you can write everything that I’m gonna show you, and everything that you’re going to see and hear, you’re going to write down. Everything as you see it and experience it.' And I said, 'Lord, I’ll do it but I, what I see now is a lot, Lord. I can see how those souls are being tormented down there and I can see how the flames are enormous, how it’s so dark. And I can see the flames, Lord. Please take me out of here.' But he said to me, 'Daughter, we have not even been in that place, nor have I showed you anything, and you now want me to take you out?' And I said, 'Lord, please take me out of here.' And we began to descend. Instead of the Lord taking me out, well, what’s ha…, well what’s happening was that we were going down into the abyss. And when I began to cry and scream I said, 'Lord, no, no, no. I don’t want to go.' And he said, 'It’s necessary that you see this.' And I began to see demons, horrible. They were very horrible. And I began to see them. They were huge. They were giant even, and small, and all kinds of demons.  And then I would notice how they would run, and they ran into… in an unexplainable manner." (Zambrano) 
This "unexplainable manner" of running is later explained as being Michael Jackson's Moonwalk.  
"Their speed was so great and I could see that they held something in their hands. And I said, 'Lord, why do they run like this and what’s that thing that they’re holding between their hands?' And he said, 'Daughter, they run in this manner because they know that their time is running out. Because they only have a short time left to destroy humanity and especially My people.' And when he told me, that thing that’s in their hands are the darts to be able to destroy humanity and every demon has its name, and with that name they carry the dart to destroy that person and bring them here to this place, because their goal is to destroy that person and bring them to hell.
And I would see how the demons ran and went up to earth. And he said, 'They’re, they’re going up to earth, and bring and throw humanity here in this place.' And the Lord was crying as this was happening, he would cry so much, at all times he was crying." (Zambrano)  
Why is Jesus crying here? Did he save his people from their sins? (Matthew 1:21) Did he lack the power to save any others had he desired to do so? How can the sovereign God of the universe be conflicted over the salvation of a people he chose to save and the damnation of those he did not choose to save? This is sentimental nonsense intended to tug at the heartstrings of evangelicals with an understanding of Christ's work that is 1000 miles wide and and inch deep.
"And he took me to a cell and where I could see young men. And these young men was being tormented in the flames. And as I looked up I could see that the cell was numbered, and well this cell was numbered, I could see numbers but I couldn’t understand them, the numbers seemed to be backwards. And I could see a big plaque in the in the cell, in that cell. And I look at the young man and the young man had the number 666 on his forehead. And his chest he had a big plaque bonded into him, it was bonded to his flesh, something that the worms could not destroy, something that the flames could not destroy. And this young man would scream and say 'Lord, have mercy on me. Take me out of here, forgive me, Lord.'  And he would cry and ask the Lord to take him out of that place. At the moment the Lord would say, 'It’s late, it’s too late. I gave you a chance but you would not repent.'" (Zambrano)
Angelica's Jesus is the Lord of salvation by chance. He is therefore NOT an accurate depiction of the Jesus of scripture - the Jesus of salvation by sovereign grace established in a covenant before the world began (Ephesians 1:4).  
"And then I asked the Lord, 'Lord, why is he in this place?' Something that hurt me so much was that I knew who he was.  He was a young man while on earth, he was a lo… he knew the word of God, but after a while he strayed from the walk of God, preferring alcohol, preferring drugs, and he strayed from the walk, and then he chose not to follow the walk of God. And the Lord warn him many times what could happen to him, and then he said, then he said, 'Daughter, he is here in this place because if you refuse My word, the word has judgment, and which I have spoken. It will judge you in the final days.'  
And at that moment he cried. And the Lord wouldn’t cry like how we would cry here on earth, he would cry like with a huge pain in his heart. And he would do it like, like this, 'I didn’t create hell for humanity.'" (Zambrano)
"The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil." (Prov 16:4)  Did the Lord create the wicked for the day of evil and not prepare a place for them on that day?  
"And I said, 'but why is humanity here?'  'Daughter, it’s because I created hell for Satan and his angels, whom are the demons, but because of sin, because of the lack of repentance, humanity comes here to this place and there’s way more that I condemn than those that enter my glory.' And I would cry. And it would hurt me a lot to see how he would cry. And at that moment he says, 'Daughter, I gave my life for humanity, not for them to be condemned, not for them to come to this place, I gave my life to them because of love and mercy, so that humanity would proceed to repentance and enter the kingdom of heaven.'" (Zambrano) 
Here we see that the atoning death of Angelica's Jesus accomplished absolutely nothing in the salvation of His people, until they ratify and improve upon his work by repenting and believing. This is a blasphemous assertion that posits the fruit of salvation as the root of salvation.  
"And it hurt me a lot, because he would cry out and it was like one that, that could no longer support what he was experiencing. And that’s what would hurt the Lord a lot, to see how the people would end up there in that place. And I said, 'Lord, I want you to tell me, is this someone I know here in this place?' And he took me, and he took me to a cell, I could never imagine that in the cell that we would find a person that was a family member of mine. And so I began to see this women, how this woman was tormented and how the worms would eat her face, how she was tormented. The demons would throw a unique kind of spirit or body and when this was happening she would cry out and say, 'No Lord, have mercy on me.  Forgive me, please. Get me out of here for at least one minute.'
And the worst torment they would receive was to remember all the time they had left here on the earth. And when they would come here to this place the demons would mock them and say 'praise and worship, because this is your kingdom now.' And they would scream because they would remember when they served God, because they knew the bible. And that person that knows cries and is tormented even more.  And the Lord said, 'There's no more, there’s no more chances. There’s only chances for them that are still alive.'" (Zambrano)  
Angelica's Jesus is more like Let's Make a Deal's Monty Hall than the sovereign Word made flesh who gives his life for the sheep and they shall never perish.  Her Jesus gives his life for everybody and yet untold millions perish. Big difference...
"And when he told me this, and when he told her this I said, 'Lord, why is my great grandmother here? Why is my great grandmother here in this place? I want you to tell me. I need you to explain it to me. I don’t know if she knew you. Why is she here in hell, Lord?' And then he said, 'Daughter, she’s here in this place for lack, for lack of forgiveness.' And I said, 'Lord, but why? Why is he? Why?' He said, 'Daughter, because that person that does not forgive, neither is forgiven.” I said, “Lord, you forgive, you’re merciful.' 'Yes Daughter, but it is necessary for you to forgive. And many people are here in this place because they have not forgiven, and there’s many people here for lack of forgiveness.'
And he said these words, he said, 'Go and tell humanity that it is time to forgive, and especially in the church. Because there’s many in church that have not forgiven. It’s that bad blood, that resentment, that hatred that is in their hearts and it’s time to forgive. And that surprises that person that has not forgiven, that person could end up in hell.' That elderly woman which was my great, grandmother was covered in flames and when the flames would cover her she would cry out, and she began to blaspheme the name of the Lord and she would curse at him. And everyone that was down there in hell would blaspheme against God. And then as we left that place, since hell is full of souls that were tormented, and the Lord would be walking with me along the side of him and around us were many people that would extend their arms towards us, so that the Lord would help them, so that the Lord would take them out of there. But the Lord could do nothing for them. And then they would blaspheme – and he would cry. And it, and it hurts me to hear what they’re experiencing and what they are doing because I could do nothing for them." (Zambrano) 
Neither could Angelica's Jesus do anything for them. If they were not willing to save themselves, no one can help them.  
"But, but what I could say is that those above ground are the ones that still have a chance for that person that has not died, for that person that remains alive, those still have time to repent." (Zambrano)
Salvation by chance. The bible never says salvation is by chance, it says salvation is by grace (Eph 2:8-9)
"And he showed me a place where I could see a woman that was there in the flames being tormented and she would scream and ask the Lord for mercy. Then the Lord said, 'Daughter, that person that you see over there, in that, in those flames, is Selena.' And the Lord said that Selena was there and we began to get close to her and she would say, 'Lord, have mercy on me, forgive me, Lord, take me out of here.' She repented at that moment, and the Lord would look at her and say, 'It’s too late. It’s too late. You can no longer repent.' And when she saw me she said, 'Please! I beg you to go and tell everyone that, that, you tell them about this, but please tell them, do not be silent about it, go and tell them not to come here to this place, go and tell them not to listen to my song, not to sing my songs.' And I say to her, 'Why are you telling me this? Why do you want me to go and say this?' And then she said, 'Because every time they sing and listen to my songs they torment me even more. And when they torment me that person that continues and sings and listens to these songs that I used to sing when I was alive begins to walk towards this place. Please go and tell them not to come here. Go and tell them that hell is real. And she would scream and the demons would throw spears at her from a far distance and they would land on her body and she would say, 'Help me, Lord. Have mercy on me, Lord.' She would cry out, but the Lord say to her, 'It’s too late.'" (Zambrano)
I died for your sins but now it's too late. Apparently there's an expiration date on the atonement of Angelica's Jesus.  
"And soon after I could see at a distance a place where all the singers and the artists would go when they died. Uh, what they would do is sing and sing and would not stop singing. And the Lord would say, 'Daughter, that person that’s here in this place has to repeat what they did up on earth. If that person has not repented.'" (Zambrano)
So there's a section in hell for all the singers and artists where they have to keep performing what they wrote while on earth?
"And at that moment I saw at a distance a great multitude of demons conjuring up some type of rain. And I really thought that it was raining for real and then I saw the people run, almost everyone that were there in the flames would run toward that place where it rained, and when I looked they yelled out,  'Noooo!'  They would yell, 'Help me, Lord,' because at a distance they could see that the Lord would hear. They said, 'This can’t be.' And the demons would, and the demons would begin to laugh. And I saw how the flames would multiply. I could see how the worms would multiply in them and so what happened was that it was not water but sulphur which had multiplied the flames and tormented the people. And the demons would laugh as they worship and adore because this is your kingdom, this is your kingdom, you have to worship at your kingdom forever and ever, the demons would say. And I say, 'Lord, what’s this?' And he said, 'This is the price of that person that has not repented.'" (Zambrano)
More like "this is the price one has to pay when the Jesus that paid for all their sins has his check returned for insufficient funds." Angelica's Jesus offers salvation by chance to all men on the basis of a "saving" work that can't get the job done.  
"And the Lord took me to a place where there was some man that was well known. Like back then, when like me and a friend were attending church and living at the (unintelligible) in the walk with God. And I would think that all them that would die would go to heaven. That every person that were there at the services would go to heaven, but I was very wrong. When the Pope John Paul the second died my friends and cousins would tell me that he was, that he has gone to heaven, and commentaries on TV that would say that the Pope has died, rest in peace, for he’s not rejoicing with the Lord, and the angels of heaven, and I would believe all this. But I was lying to myself about all this and then all of a sudden I would see a man that was being tormented in those flames, and I saw his face. And the Lord showed me his face and it was the Pope John Paul the Second. And the Lord said, 'Look my daughter, that man you see there is Pope John Paul II and he’s here in this place being tormented for not repenting.' And then I said, 'Lord, why is he here in this place if he was preaching at church?' And, and he said, 'Daughter, because no fornicator, no idolator, no money-grubber, no liar will inherit my kingdom.' And I said, 'Yes Lord, I know that this is true, but I want you, I want to know why he’s here, if he would speak to the most of the people.' The Lord said, 'Yes daughter, he would say many things, but he would never speak the whole truth as it was. He never spoke the whole truth because they know the truth, but though they know the truth, they preferred the money but not to speak it. Not speak about salvation, not give out what exists in real life and not say that hell is real and that heaven also exists, daughter.'" (Zambrano)
This is the section that draws-in the rabid protestants: "Hey, she said the Pope's in hell! Maybe she really DID speak with Jesus!"
"And when I would look at this man he had around his neck a large scaly serpent. A serpent that had thorns. I could see how the serpent would wrap around his neck and this man would try to take it off and I would see this and ask the Lord, “Help him.” And he would say, “Help me, Lord. Have mercy on me, take me out of this place. Forgive me. I repent, Lord. I want to go to earth, return to earth to repent.” And in that moment the Lord looked at him and said, “You, you very well knew. You knew well that this place was real.”  When the Lord told him, “It’s too late, there’s no other chance for you.” And at that moment the Lord said, “Look, daughter, I’m gonna show you the life of this man.” And the Lord began to show me a great screen where I could see how this man was having many masses with the multitudes of people and how all the people there were such idolators. And the Lord said, “Look, my daughter, there’s many idolators there in that place. Idolatry does not save my daughter.  The only one that saves is me and apart from me no one can be saved. But I love the sinner and I hate the sin, my daughter. Go and tell humanity that I love them and ask them to come back to me.” And when the Lord told me these words I began to see how this man began to receive multitudes of coins and bills of money, and, and well this amount of money he would take. And he would have so much money and I began to see how he sat down like that of a throne. And I could see also more beyond that, it’s true that they say that they do not marry but what I can assure is that something that I myself could not make up, something that the Lord showed me, that these people would live with nuns and many women that would live there. And the Lord would show me how these people lived in fornication. And the word of God says that no fornicator will inherit his kingdom. And when I would see all this, the Lord would say, “Look my daughter, all of this that I’m showing you is what’s happening, has happened and continues to happen continuously to many of these people.  Many priests and Popes that have existed.” And at that moment the Lord says to me, “Daughter, go and tell humanity that it’s time to turn back to the Lord.'" (Zambrano)  
Luke 16:30-31
"And the the Lord took me to another place. And there the Lord would begin to tell me that, that there’s many people that are walking towards hell. And I asked, 'Lord, how is that, that they’re walking here into this place?' And he said, 'I’m gonna show you.' He began to show me a tunnel. How many people where chained up from their hands to their feet. And they were chained up and had a great weight upon their backs and they were dressed up in black. And then he said, 'Look Daughter, those people that you see walking over there are people that still don’t know me. And those things that they carry on their back is their sins, but go and tell them to give their weights to me, that I will give them rest. That I am he who forgives all sins.' And at that moment he says, 'Daughter, go and tell them to come to me because I will welcome them with open arms, so go and tell them that they are headed this way.' And then I saw how many people were walking towards this place and I said, 'Lord, that person over there is my cousin, and that other person over there is another. Man,' I said, 'My family’s headed toward this place.' 'Yes daughter, they are, but go and tell them that they are headed this way. Tell them that they are headed to hell. Tell them that I have chosen you as my watchtower.' And I asked the Lord, 'What is that?' 'I have chosen you as my watchtower because that means go and speak the truth. You have to go and tell them what you have seen. And if you don’t and something happens to that person their blood will be on you, but if you go and speak what I say, that person will give account to me. If they do not repent, then you will no longer be responsible. Then their responsibility is theirs.' And at that moment he said, 'But many famous people come here. Famous people like, I just say, Michael Jackson.' And this person was very satanic, although many people never knew this, but this is true. Because he had made satanic pacts and he had made deals with Satan to be able to have his fame and many fans and those steps he would do, that dance he would do is exactly how the demons walk in hell as they torment the people in hell. 

The Lord showed me right after that he had died, he showed me that Michael Jackson was being tormented in the flames and I would cry when the Lord showed me this. I cried so much because to see someone in hell is not easy. And I saw how this person was being tormented, he would scream. And that person that would listen to his songs, that sings his songs, and are fans of his, I tell you that, you’re being tangled up in the nets of Satan, so that you would go to hell. But I tell you this today, renounce that in the name of Jesus because he wants you to be free and does not want you to be lost because he wants to give you eternal life and love abundantly. Why? Because Satan with the use of these tools comes and pulls you towards hell. 

And then the Lord says, 'Daughter, there are people that know me and are coming towards this place.' And I say, 'Lord, how is that, people that know you are coming to this place.'  And he said, 'That person that stray from my walk and that person that is living a double life.' And I asked, 'Lord, how is this?' And he began to show me that people were headed to the, towards this place. They were walking with shackles from their hands to their feet and their robes were also different, they weren’t black, but they were white. They were torn, they were stained, and they were wrinked. And the Lord said, 'Daughter, look how my people have gone astray from me. Daughter, I want to tell you that I’m not coming for these. I’m coming for a people that are holy, prepared, without spot and without blemish and without contamination.' And then he said, 'Go and tell them to return to the ancient way.' And I began to see a lot of my uncles and people that have strayed away from the Lord. And the Lord said to me, 'Go and tell them that I’m waiting for them to give their burdens to me and I will give them rest.' And at that moment he would cry and say, 'Daughter, they are all heading  to this way. Go and tell your uncles and your families, that they are headed this way. You will see that many will not believe you but I am your faithful witness. I am your faithful witness. I will never leave you nor forsake you, but even if they don’t believe you, go and tell them the truth. For I am with you and I will also show you how the people are headed to this way.'" (Zambrano)
Why is it that AZ's Jesus "will never leave nor forsake" her, but, so far as the rest of the world he's trying to save is concerned, he makes no such promises?

"And he took me to a tunnel where I saw thousands of people fall into this, into the abyss. And it was not like a thousand or two thousand it was like the sand of the ocean without number, they would fall like this, per second, they would fall like, handfuls of sand, falling like this, really fast the souls would fall and the Lord would sadly cry and say, 'Daugther that’s how humanity’s being lost, just like this.' And he would cry and say, 'Daughter, it hurts me to see how humanity is lost and the demons would gather in this place.' And I asked, 'The demons gather?' And he said, 'Yes daughter, they gather and plan to plan what to do with humanity. They have their secret meetings.'" (Zambrano)
Jesus is "hurt" by the righteous punishment of sin that is a perfect reflection of his holy character? Is he calling his righteousness into question, or their sinfulness?
"And I began to see a wooden table. And I began to see chairs around it. And that, and at that moment the Lord showed me all kinds of demons and the Lord said, 'Daughter, they are, they are here planning to go out to destroy the pastoral families, the missionaries, the evangelists, and all them that know me. Daughter they want to destroy, They want, they have many darts.” Then the demons would laugh and laugh and make fun of… they would say, 'Lets’ go out and destroy humanity to bring them here into this place.' He said, he said to me, 'Go and tell them that I am with them and do not open the doors to give Satan space to come in because Satan’s like a roaring lion, Looking for whom to devour. He’s like but he’s not, the only Lion of Judah is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.' And I could see how the demons would laugh. And the Lord said, 'Daughter, they especially want to destroy the pastoral families.' 'Why the pastoral families?' 'Because they are in charge of thousands of people, of many people, that, that, that are sheep. The sheep of the flock that the Lord has given them. So they, they would go back into the world and backslide and be headed to hell.' And the Lord said, ‘Go and tell them, the pastors that speak the truth, to preach the truth and speak all of what I have, speak all of what I give them.'" (Zambrano)
AZ's Jesus has sheep that backslide into hell. The Lord Jesus Christ said the he gives his sheep eternal life and they shall never perish. (John 10:28)
"At that moment he took me and said that he would show me something else. And I said, 'What? What is it Lord?' He said, 'Here in this place, there are also kids.' And I said, 'Kids! In this place, Lord? And why are there kids in this place? For your word says suffer the little children, forbid them not to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven.' And he said, 'Yes daughter, for such is the kingdom. For the ones that come to me, I do not forbid.' But at the moment he shows me an 8 year old boy. This child was being tormented with flames. All he would says is 'Lord have mercy on me. Take me out of here. I dont’ want to be here. He would cry out and scream. And I began to look around me and see those demons that are well known as (list of cartoon characters I can’t spell) and all kinds of demons that are in animated drawings. And I said, 'Lord, why is this boy here in this place?' And I got to see his screams. And the Lord showed me how this boy was there, but before he showed me his life, I would see how this boy would sit there and just watch TV. How he would be plugged in and watching the animated figures, and the Lord said, 'Daughter, the animated figures, and those movies and those shows are shown every day on TV are instruments of satan to destroy humanity.' And at that moment he said, 'Daughter, look how this happen.' And I began to see how this child was very rebellious and disobedient to his parents and when his father would speak to him he would run and throw things around and not listen to them and when this was happening they hit him and it’s like, ended right there. And from that point on he has been here in hell. And when he began to see how this boy was being tormented, the Lord said, 'Daughter, go and tell the parents to instruct the children according to my word, the word is real and tells us what we to correct, that we need to correct our children, our child with the rod, but not all the time, but only when the child is disobedient to their parents.'  And the Lord said something, something real sad, very hurtful, 'Daughter, there’s many kids here in this place because of these animations and rebellion.' And I said, 'Lord, why the animations?' 'Because these are demons that bring forth rebellion, disobedience, bitterness and hatred towards the kids, and all kinds of demons that are there. All, all them that are in there, enter the childrens so that they will not do anything that is good, but for them to do evil, because what they see there from TV is what they want to do as well in reality.' And I said, 'Lord, why is there kids in this place?' And he said, 'Because once they have knowledge that heaven and hell exist, they now have a choice to pick.'" (Zambrano)
AZ's "Jesus" teaches salvation by choice. The Lord Jesus Christ taught salvation by grace (Ephesians 2:8-9, John 6:44) based on a covenant made in the Godhead before the world began. (Ephesians 1:4-5)


  1. Just this week heard Angelica's "testimony". So this comment comes months after your response to it. Wanted to point out a few things. No one knows where this girl "fellowships"; is she Catholic, is she not? It's important to get a reference point, but we haven't gotten it. I've looked for it, and I'm pretty good at Googling.

    The main thing everyone needs to remember, is that NO ONE has to believe ANY so-called revelation or vision that goes outside the written Word of God. No chapter & verse? WE DON'T have to swallow it!! Are those famous people she claimed were in hell really there? It's not mine to know! I know that hell is real, and real people are there, but it's no less sad when the lost aren't famous!

    Angelica goes into details not found in the bible. I won't accept any of that. I will, however, believe the written word of God, even that which we haven't yet "seen." There are gospel accounts of Jesus raising the dead, and I have always wondered...Lord, why weren't there a few verses describing what they saw, what it was like? Well, I believe that God in His wisdom purposely left it out, because we would be inclined to then believe everything/anything someone would say that supposedly "came back." The Lord left that out for our protection..and made a statement: listen to ME.

    Even later Paul was not permitted to speak of the heavenly things he experienced, being caught up to heaven. But consider this, whatever Paul DID experience...his books in the bible contain the purest, most beautiful, passages on the GRACE of God, and salvation by faith. Would not Paul have given warnings in his letters had he experienced similar things as Angelica? Think this through...follow me. Paul boldly proclaimed the grace of the gospel, salvation apart from works. The grace, the love of God, to motivate us to no longer walk after the flesh. No condemnation, no fear.

    I was raised in the Catholic church for 23 years. I am NOT a Catholic hater, but this next part needs to be stated. I had a MARTIN LUTHER-type experience in my room, bible in hand, which led me immediately out of that works-based church. True Catholic doctrine teaches salvation by I walked out of the teachings I was brought up on, and into the wonderful grace of God. I have never looked back, though most of my large family is still trapped in it.

    Back to Angelica..having no "label" with which to get a fix on her, I looked at things that she said objectively, and whether she calls it that or not, it's really Catholic doctrine being dished up as sort-of-but-not-quite evangelical. There's a MIX!! And THAT is the scariest thing that trips people up. Truth & error mixed! If there's bits of truth, people will swallow the whole thing and get poisoned. She has Catholics mad at her, but she's not evangelical either.

    My faith is in the finished work of my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, Who is the Son of God, Whom God raised from the dead. I can't add to it! And Romans 2:4 says that it is the kindness of God which leads to repentance. Not fear.

    John had a vision on the isle of Patmos, written in the book of Revelation. That means it's scripture. Lots of symbolism, plus real descriptions, such as of the heavenly city. God allowed that, but then gave a stern warning NOT TO ADD TO IT! In other words, do not go outside the word of God, with "revelations".

    There are many voices in the world. Let us cling to the Lord's voice...His word.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful, well-stated, biblical, and level-headed perspectives on Angelica's testimony. It is a good example of the apostle Paul's admonition to "prove all things; hold fast that which is good." (I Thes 5:21)

      God bless.

  2. my qyestion is on paul? is he not the converted one? not of the original disciples right? we need to scrutinize the word of God or the sripture but for me angelica made sense. lets pick up the message and its clear repentance. it doesnt mean that we will be automatically be saved without doing holy things according to Gods Laws. remember the parrables of the Lord Jesus. For me salvation is based on ones deads and we will be judged accordingly.

  3. Paul endeavored to demonstrate that what he taught was consistent with the scriptures, not a departure from them. The Bereans accepted Paul's testimony with all readiness of mind but also searched the scriptures daily to see if those things were so. (Acts 17:11) Placed under Berean scrutiny, Angelical Zambrano's testimony is found at variance with the word of God and it should be utterly rejected on that basis. It makes no sense to affirm that "we need to scrutinize the word of God" and then state "for me Angelica made sense" when Angelica's testimony is demonstrably at variance with the testimony of scripture.

    Finally, salvation is not based on your deeds. If it was then salvation would be by works and the bible clearly teaches that "by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in His sight." (Rom 3:20) Salvation is by the grace of God through imputation. It is those who were chosen by God in the covenant of election who will be clothed in the righteousness of Christ by the sheer grace and mercy of God, not of works, lest any man should boast. (Eph 2:8-9)

  4. It is difficult to discern the intent of the above comment, but it reminded me of something the Lord Jesus Christ taught:

    "Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent. And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead." (Luke 16:29-31)

    May God bless our studies and understanding,