Monday, September 23, 2013

Sheep, Goats, and a Quote from William Gadsby

William Gadsby (1773-1844)

I don't know much about Particular Baptist Minister William Gadsby but I stumbled across this quote from him today and thought it was spot-on and as true today as it was in his time: 

It does appear that most teachers think there should be a distinction made between the sheep and goats, but does it not appear that the greatest part of preachers, in this day, are attempting to give to the goats what belongs to the sheep, and to the sheep what belongs to the goats? For when on the one hand they address the unconverted, they tell them that it is their duty to look to Christ, and believe in him, and that they are warranted to offer them all the blessings of the gospel, thus making the gospel the unconverted man's rule of faith and practice; they, on the other hand, send the sheep to the law of works, and tell them that their comfort depends upon their walking according thereunto. And when any poor soul is in darkness, through the power of the world, the flesh, or the devil, instead of pointing them to Christ, and telling them that it has pleased the Father that in him should all fullness dwell, they tell them to 'remove the cause, and the effect will cease;' and thus the goats are sent to the law of life, and the sheep to the killing letter.
My prayer is that the Lord would raise up more men in our time that had such clarity on salvation by covenant and the nature and purpose of the gospel message.


  1. Great post! Thanks, Teth.

  2. Wee quibble: Isn't it everyone's duty to look to Christ?

    I am unclear on the "duty faith" controversy. Help?


    1. A great deal of fur has flown over the whole "duty faith" issue. I believe that the matter of man's "duty" is a complete red herring for anyone who believes that salvation is a monergistic act of God. Stated another way, regardless of where you fall on the issue of whether or not man has a "duty" to believe, since salvation is monergistic, it follows that no one is ever eternally saved as a result of having performed any such "duty."