Thursday, June 11, 2015

If Christian Theology Worked Like a Business Case...

I have often wondered how the following business case would go over in my secular employment:

"I think we should offer our products to people who have no interest in them whatsoever, who have no means whereby to procure them, neither do they have any capacity whereby to obtain such interest or means. This market segment is easy to identify, as they have erected stone monuments to their exact location. Fortunately these markers are tightly grouped together in relatively small geographic regions known as cemeteries, most of which can be quickly located using google earth. I call this target group THE DEAD and it is nigh on incredible that no one has thought of marketing to them before, as they seem to be a completely unexplored market segment which, so far as I can tell, has zero overlap with our current clientele."
It occurs to me that this example is so patently absurd that one must place it in the domain of religion in order to find men willing to invest in it.

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