Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Should We Say "Jesus died for you" When Presenting the Gospel?

"Jesus died for you." Is this a legitimate statement to make in the context of presenting the gospel indiscriminately? The following biblical truths must be kept in mind in order to properly answer this question:

  • FIRST: Because of particular redemption, the truth that Jesus Christ died for a chosen people, whom he calls by name (John 10:3) for the purpose of their eternal salvation (John 10:11,15) and did NOT die for any others (John 10:26), it is completely inappropriate and unscriptural to make the statement “Jesus died for you” indiscriminately to an audience in the context of presenting the gospel.
  • SECOND: Neither do you see this statement being made indiscriminately in the bible as part of gospel presentation. This statement should give the vast majority of professing Christians great pause with respect to the language they employ in their so-called “gospel presentations.” I would argue that “Jesus died for you” is one of the more common phrases used in evangelicalism today, and yet it is a phrase that is foreign to the doctrine and practice established in the New Testament. Christians with a high regard for the word of God do well to stand up and take notice, lest they make the word of God of none effect through their traditions.
  • THIRD: If it is inappropriate and unscriptural to make the statement “Jesus died for you,” it is likewise certain that the gospel is not a well-meant offer of salvation to ALL of humanity, because particular redemption clearly establishes that Jesus Christ DID NOT DIE for all of humanity, and apart from Christ’s intercession, there is NO salvation, neither is there the possibility of salvation.


The gospel is not an offer of eternal salvation conditioned upon faith, but is rather the proclamation of the finished work of Christ on behalf of his people (I Corinthians 15:3-4) which is accompanied by the assurance that those who believe this testimony are among them (John 6:47) and the admonition to walk in repentance and obedient discipleship (John 14:15) as one’s reasonable service (Romans 12:1). It is therefore important that we NEVER using the phrase “Jesus died for you” to indiscriminately address an audience of those who have no profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 


  1. Same can be said for "God loves you and has a plan for your life."

    1. That is also true. We find no example of this statement being made by the NT apostles who were spreading the gospel. More intriguing to me is how many Calvinists in our time regard "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life" as a gross error while insisting that "God loves all men and the gospel is sincerely offering eternal life to all of humanity." The fact that those statements are essentially identical seems lost on them.

      God bless,