Thursday, June 15, 2017

ASK TETH Episode 01 - What Do You Think About 501c3 Churches?

A while back I received the following feedback on one of my videos…
I am anti 501(c)(3). I think it limits freedom of speech. What say you, TETH?
I am against churches being organized as 501c3 non-profit institutions as well. I believe that 501c3 is wrong on many levels:

1. It creates a CORPORATION and the church is not a corporation.

2. It places restrictions on speech that are untenable. (Acts 5:29)

3. All such restrictions interfere with the free exercise of religion.

4. Churches are tax exempt already.

5. God's people should support the Lord's church financially regardless of whether or not they are "tax exempt" or whether they receive a tax credit for their contributions.

The feedback went on to ask...
Why shouldn't preachers give political endorsements? I mean, both preachers and politicians are fallible men, but what would be the better choice for us while we're here? 
It is unconstitutional for the government to muzzle a minister with respect to what he can and cannot say in the free exercise of his religion, regardless of whether he is addressing religion or politics in his discourse. Now, if we are to get technical about it, those ministers/churches who become 501c3 do so VOLUNTARILY, because they don't HAVE TO do that, though I think many of them think that they do. So technically, the 501c3 non-profit status is not FORCED upon churches. They stick their heads into the noose willingly and in so doing they agree to the terms and conditions of 501c3 status. I believe that is a grave mistake, even if it is done in ignorance.
What would exalt the nation, which would be a more godly way of managing the country? 
Well, if pastors were all godly men doing as they ought, America would benefit greatly from ministers in the pulpits speaking the truth freely as they ought. But it would take FAR more correction than just the elimination of 501c3 to bring that to pass.  In my view, the bigger problem faced by American churches today is not their "non-profit" status, but their near total lack of familiarity with fundamental gospel truth. It's not the conditions of 501c3 that prevent them from speaking the truth; but rather their ignorance of the truth.

Or so it seems to me.

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