Monday, January 4, 2021

"Coronavirus" is Well-Named

By Elder David Pyles

Considering Coronavirus Alongside Other World Statistics

According to statistics at, 1.264 million people in the world have died of coronavirus as of this writing (11/9/2020). To put this number into perspective, consider some other world statistics published at the same site. Thus far this year:

  • 9.6 million have died of hunger
  • 36.5 million have died of abortion
  • 1.4 million have died of AIDS
  • 2.1 million have died of alcohol abuse
  • 4.3 million have died of smoking
  • 1.2 million have died in car accidents

These numbers speak for themselves, and they also raise some very pressing questions: In the recent American elections, who on either side said anything about feeding these people who are dying of hunger? Bear in mind that America is up to its eyeballs in food. Almost 29 people are being aborted for every one that is dying of Coronavirus. Even if you are pro-choice, you must acknowledge this is nothing short of a massacre, and that it is clearly indicative of the worst forms of social irresponsibility. These numbers far surpass anything done by Hitler or Stalin in a single year. Where is the outcry? We have heard all these sermons about masks, social distancing, etc. Who is preaching about sexual responsibility? Clearly, it would save far more lives.

This raises yet more questions: In regard to all these deaths caused by sexual irresponsibility, who would propose that we handle this by authorizing the government to regulate our sexuality? Would gays agree to this? What about straights? Would not gays and straights be united in rebellion against such? What if the government were to take away our precious alcohol and cigarettes? These things are killing five times as many people as Coronavirus. Would not both drunk and sober join together in decrying such a thing? What if the government were to take away our automobiles? Who would agree to this? After all, automobiles are killing about the same number as the virus.

Dutiful Dupes of Dictatorial Directives

Yet, all over the planet, even in America, millions of people, being caught up in frantic frenzy, are becoming the dutiful dupes of government officials who are dictating the most personal aspects of their lives, even telling them when and how they can worship, and some have brazenly gone so far as to dictate what can be done in the very home. This is notwithstanding the fact that it was an obtrusive government that unleashed this virus upon us, and notwithstanding the fact there is no clear evidence that these limitations on our freedoms have served to significantly contain the virus. Indeed, they may have made matters worse by obstructing the adaptations of our God-given immunity systems.

This virus is well-named “Coronavirus.” “Corona” means a crown. The world is now effectively coronating its public officials and forfeiting freedoms that millions died to secure. I would far rather die of coronavirus than to relinquish our God-given rights. As the founding fathers of America famously said, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Let Every Bible Student Be Warned 

The first book of the Bible speaks of a place called Babylon that sought to consolidate and centralize governmental power (Genesis 11). The last book of the Bible speaks of exactly the same thing (Revelation 13 & 17). Both were presented as evil and both were opposed by God. Let every Bible student be warned. Anyone familiar with history will also know that governments have almost consistently seized and abused power by playing the same old game, namely, by exploiting crises, or even creating them, and then removing the rights of the people under the pretext of protecting them.

This is what we older people call “Big Brother” government – terminology borrowed from the famous novel of George Orwell entitled 1984 wherein he described a sad world under the oppression and abuse of socialistic government. I well-remember the year 1984. It was in fact a great year for liberty – a year in which the American people re-elected Ronald Reagan for President in one of the most overwhelming victories in history. Liberty has had no greater proponent among modern men than Ronald Reagan. I pray that the American people, and the whole world with them, will be awakened by present circumstances to the same effect.

Stand Fast Therefore in the Liberty of Christ

The Apostle Paul said, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage,” (Galatians 5:1). The Apostles warned the church against abusing its liberties (1 Corinthians 8:9, Galatians 5:13, James 1:25, 1 Peter 2:16), but never did they seek to avert these potential abuses by taking those liberties away. Rather, they warned the people about this abuse and taught them how to use their liberties responsibly. This wise governance was one reason why Christianity emerged from obscurity to become the world’s greatest religion. I am confident this is also the course we must take today. We must preach, preach and preach. We must teach, teach and teach. Preaching and teaching to use our liberties responsibly, but we must not allow governments to take those liberties away. Government officials who would do so should be promptly and resolutely voted out of office.


  1. Your endorsement of Ronald Reagan is comic mastery.

    1. I can't take credit for the words published here, since this is an essay by Elder David Pyles. Can you flush out what you mean by "comic mastery"? I'm happy to respond but am not sure I understand your comment.

    2. One finds among American Christians (at least in their writing and sermons) an absurd complacency that their nation represents freedom, such a view is only possible in a country where the shooting of its own allies is labelled 'friendly fire'.
      To any other informed person, whatever hope there was to America began to be choked with your annexation of the Philippines in starting the American Empire, and was thoroughly choked with the slaughter in Jakarta and Brazil. God is not mocked though, it is fitting that the nation who mockingly asserts 'in god we trust' should be the instrument of judgement, that in its desire to destroy the idea of Communism would foolishly invigorate Islamic pride which viewing the moral abominations of the American experiment as the necessary consequence of a corrupt Christianity might assert the view that Islam alone is God's spiritual and moral solution. This isn't so absurd as Islam was never tied to kingly power as Christianity always was, and Protestantism with its secularised democracies potentially falls to whatever ideology has sufficient vigor and vision. Truly, better the dinner of herbs than the stalled Ox and hatred therewith which is surely the diet of American politics.
      Likewise the idea that Reagan was concerned with Liberty is so outrageous one can only laugh, and one knows for certain that such a comment was made by a self satisfied white man whose idea of liberty is simply that he and his friends continue to enjoy their privilege without being disturbed by that clamerous cacophony of complaint which demands real justice through genuine redistribution. Label all such as Communist Robbery and happily pay more taxes for the perpetual increase of armaments while worshipping the Prince of Peace - Comic Mastery.