Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Terms of Service

"The terms, the terms, he doth accept the terms. He looks not smart..."

When essentially every motion of modern life involves a "corporation" then corporate "Terms of Service" (TOS) become the governing principle that overrides the Bill of Rights. This TOS Override has far reaching implications in the 21st century. If Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can say, "We're private. You can't say that on our private platform," then where does it end? If this precept is valid and consistently applied, then internet service providers can deny you web access and telecoms can deny you phone service for the very same reason. Indeed, every bank, insurance company, and health care provider can deny you service on the same basis as well. 

We've all clicked the "Agree" button on the "Terms of Service" from numerous corporations without reading them as the initiation ritual for gaining access to some application or software. It has catechized us on the principle that, "reading the fine print is unimportant, all that matters is our immediate, short-term desire." We're seeing the first, real, fine-print harvest laid up in bushels before us. God controls the weather. Let's pray for a crop failure. What's more, let's take steps to plow the field under by eliminating our entanglements with corporations who use TOS to oppose constitutional liberty. 

PS. The picture for this blog post comes from The Court Jester - a film that my family and I have enjoyed for many years. I have often described it as, "a perfect movie." I highly recommend it for a delightful, family-friendly respite from current events.

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